Zidane, the declaration of war against Deschamps

While he spoke on Wednesday of a sporting rivalry with ZInedine Zidane, Didier Deschamps would have had a very bad experience of an interview with his former teammate in 2012…

Long to react to the scandalous remarks of Noël Le Graët about Zinedine Zidane, Didier Deschamps nevertheless mentioned his relationship with his former partner with the Blues or in the France team. “The sporting situation has led to a sporting rivalry between the two of us. Even for some an opposition »he confided.

But according to many observers, this rivalry is not recent. For some, it would even find its origin in an interview given by Zinedine Zidane to The Team in the fall of 2012. While he would not have been against succeeding Laurent Blanc at the head of the Blues a few months earlier, the former playmaker, after announcing his intention to pass his coaching diplomas, had clearly explained that he ultimately wanted to train the Blues.

He thought the timing had been a little organized

“I project myself a little more thinking that one day a possibility of coaching will perhaps exist. Finally, coaching, that’s for sure, but yes, one day, why not coach this team? », he had launched, adding. ” It’s never the time to talk about it because there are always coaches in place, but you ask me the question, so I answer, he moderates. Even if it’s not the news today, anyway. I have many other things to do first. We’ll see later. »

And according to Vincent Duluc, Didier Deschamps would not have liked the timing, these statements coming just days before an unwelcome defeat against Japan in a friendly and before a perilous trip to Spain. “Didier Deschamps was a little touchy after the loss to Japan and before an important game and he thought the timing had been a bit organised. It was something organized for a very long time and it shows the ambiguities that there have been between the two “, he explained, adding that Zinedine Zidane didn’t appreciate the way Didier Deschamps behaved at the time of Laurent Blanc’s succession.

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