“You will regret”, the reason why Michel Sardou’s wife almost forbade him to retire!

Michel Sardou had sworn that he would not return! In 2017, the interpreter of “Africa farewell” – who had bowed out – had delivered on his new projects for RTL : “I stop the song, but I don’t stop the show. I don’t feel like I’m leaving this job and going to lay down in a deck chair or go fishing. I’m not the kind of guy to break down in tears when I leave something. I think I’ve done my job enough and I’m going back to my first love: the theatre.

But to everyone’s surprise last year, Michel Sardou finally recorded a farewell tour ! And it was his wife Anne-Marie Périer who convinced him to do it. “Me, I have nothing to do with my return. For nothing ! I didn’t want to come back… But I was taken in by my wife (…). Anyway, she was threatening to leave me and go back to her brother… She blackmailed me! », assured the star always for our colleagues.

“My wife told me something quite true…”

This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Michel Sardou was one of the distinguished guests of BFM TV. Without filter, he evoked innumerable subjects for the greatest happiness of the Net surfers. In a sequence, he also returned to his upcoming performances.

Once again, his half was put in the spotlight: My wife told me something quite true: ‘If you stop definitively, you will be bored and you will regret the great moments… The public in fact. Because I’m lucky to have an audience that likes me, who knows, who knows my songs, who knows me a little. And who welcomes me every time with a lot of warmth (…) and I noticed it when I went to see the little musical called I’m going to love you”. On site, Michel Sardou was visibly captivated by the resumption of his hits and the enthusiasm of the spectators!


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