You shouldn’t see this M&M’s commercial after a controversy

Due to a controversy carried by the American right, the M&M’s brand has just given up its mascots, replaced by a comedian.

Society was supposed to have learned to live with them, M&M’s mascots should no longer be in the more or less near future, for lack of acceptance by part of the world. On Monday, the chocolate brand declared that its characters would be put to rest for a period of time. “indefinite”. If the precise reason is not mentioned in the message, the Midi Libre talks aboutcontroversy carried by the American conservative right.

M&M’s mascots: an inclusiveness that would have bothered

For quite a long time, M&Ms have been represented by red and yellow characters, the former representing some form of intelligence and the latter stupidity. They can also be assigned the male gender, and it is in the process of better representation of the population that the brand had added two mascots, Green and Brown. These were to symbolize “acceptance and inclusion”. The arrival of Violet last September would have been perceived as an excess for a fringe of Americans, who saw in it, among other things, activism for the LGBTQ+ cause.

The brand had responded by putting on sale a special package

In response to the controversy, M&M’s released a special package containing only the recently added lozenges. A provocation that caused a flood of comments of such corrosion that the brand ended up making a strong decision. On Monday, M&M’s acknowledged in a press release that it realized that “even candy’s shoes could be polarizing”. And that as a result, it was setting back its mascots.

A comedian at the estate

The chocolate brand added that it is Maya Rudolph, a humorous figure apparently making consensus in the United States, who will now promote the treats. An astonishing reversal, but which could ultimately be artificial if ever the surprise advertising anticipated for the annual edition of the Super Bowl was responsible for rehabilitating the famous mascots.

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