Yann Moix justifies his participation in “L’Heure des pros” on CNews

VIDEO – The writer and polemicist confides without taboo on his financial situation.

Yann Moix don’t be idle. When he is not writing, he is on Europe 1. Like this New Year’s Eve where he provides a live broadcast for eight hours in a row, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. When he is not on the radio, he offers himself some noticed television passages. “I like TV from time to time, it allows me to meet people“he says in an interview with France Sunday this Friday, December 30.

Indeed, Yann Moix is ​​on CNews every Monday morning in “L’Heure des pros”. Regularly, he stands out on the set of Pascal Praud for his provocative stances and outings. Like last August when he said: “I hate the family, I consider that a family meal is already the beginning of incest“. Pascal Praud had tried to qualify the words of his guest, without success since he had then wished live on CNews “the physical death of my entire family, with the exception of my grandmother“. In his novel Orleanspublished in 2019, Yann Moix claims to have suffered childhood abuse. In 2021, the writer was sentenced on appeal for defaming his brother Alexander.

If being a regular on the small screen inspires him, he honestly says that “the other reason is financial“claiming that we”can’t always live off his assets properly“. He adds : “There’s no shame in finding alternative livelihoods“.

Departing soon?

Yann Moix also confided in his future projects. The urge to move abroad is getting stronger and stronger: “I’m fed up with Paris and I even want to leave France within five years…“. One country in particular draws his attention, North Korea. The choice may seem surprising when you know the political situation of the country, but the polemicist ensures “feel very good». He argues : The deprivation of liberty is something that I love. Just as I liked the confinement. I would like to teach at Pyongyang University. But hey, I would probably last two months!“.


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