Xbox Developer Direct: Redfall and Forza Motorsport releases revealed according to Xbox DE | XboxOne

The Xbox Developer Direct Conference is now official. Scheduled for January 25, it will lift the veil on four future Xbox games developed by Microsoft’s internal studios. And release dates should be revealed if we are to believe Xbox Germany.

Dates for Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall?

During the official announcement of the event, Xbox mentioned that “the latest information regarding Xbox games available in the coming months, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall” will be shared. But Xbox Germany wrote a slightly different statement.

The Developer_Direct will highlight fantastic features, full gameplay demos and, for the first time, release dates for big Xbox titles coming out in the coming months, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall.

Xbox Germany’s press release is pretty clear, but it’s still unclear if it’s a local interpretation, a translation error, or if it’s actually information released specifically about this market. Either way, head over to Xboxygen on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 to find out the new details on future games.

Since Xbox was absent from the Game Awards and the start of the year 2023 remains for the moment still rather vague on the side of the brand, it seems obvious that a more precise timetable will be communicated during the conference. Officially, all listed games are yet to be released before July 2023.

As a reminder, this conference will not have a presenter, it will rather be videos shot within the studios with developers who will present their work.

As for Starfield, we already know that a full-fledged conference will be dedicated to it later. “In order to give it the time it deserves, #Starfield will have its own conference, currently in production. »

The Xboxgen files of the next big Xbox games

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