Xavier Niel wants to seize a TNT frequency against TF1 and M6

published on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 12:54 p.m.

For the first time since 1987, M6 and TF1 must defend their DTT broadcasting channels, coveted by businessman Xavier Niel, according to France Info.

Already the owner of several print media titles, Xavier Niel is now turning to television. Arcom, the media regulator, declared admissible, Monday, January 23, its candidacy for the resumption of a broadcasting channel on DTT.

In his line of sight: the frequencies of TF1 and M6, which expire on May 5, let our colleagues from France Info know.

From now on, there are therefore three of them trying to seize these frequencies: TF1 and M6, the two historical holders of these frequencies, and Xavier Niel, with his company, named NJJ Project 5523. This project is called “SIX”, leaving hear that he is aiming for the frequency of M6.

An unlikely project

Launched in December by Arcom, this call for candidates for the renewal of these frequencies is the first since 1987, the year of the privatization of TF1 and the arrival of M6 on the sixth hertzian network.

Hearings of the three candidates by the media regulator will take place on February 15. Xavier Niel is the owner of the telecom group Iliad (Free) and already a shareholder in several press titles such as Le Monde, Télérama, La Vie, Le Monde diplomatique, Courrier international.

The M6 ​​group has been in the sights of the billionaire for several years. In May 2021 and then in October 2022, he tried to buy out RTL’s stake. The owner of M6, the German media giant Bertelsmann, had chosen to keep the group in its fold.

If it seems unlikely that Xavier Niel’s project will be preferred to a renewal of M6, installed for a long time, the billionaire could be well placed for future renewals, scheduled for 2025.

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