will he qualify for the grand final?

Léopold and Valentin Decarnin, two sporty brothers from Vieillevigne, make their debut in season 7 of “Ninja Warrior”, an obstacle course show broadcast on TF1 this Saturday January 21. They will not be the only ones to face it: Bastien, the ex-aequo winner of Koh-Lanta : the Cursed Totem, has decided to take up this new challenge.

Summary of tonight’s episode 3 of the Ninja Warrior season 7 edition

Bastien said that Koh-Lanta pushed him to go further

Bastien had won the favor of his comrades and the public during the season of “Koh-Lanta: the cursed Totem”, which was shot in the fall of 2021 and broadcast on TF1 between February and June 2022.

The 32-year-old rope access technician won the edition with a tie vote with firefighter François. During the broadcast of this survival game, in April, Bastien launched another challenge: to tackle the obstacle course of the seventh season of “Ninja Warrior”.

We can see it on the screen this Saturday, January 21, from 9:10 p.m., on TF1.

He confides that Koh-Lanta inspired him to move forward, to surpass himself and to test himself in another area. He does a lot of climbing and he has good muscle strength and good body control. However, agility is its main weakness.

A successful qualification for Bastien

His participation in Ninja Warrior was therefore an opportunity to take on an even more physical challenge and to do things that take him even more out of his comfort zone.

Bastien explains that the course is a challenge where speed and agility are required. He stresses that you have to be able to overcome obstacles without procrastinating or thinking too much. He adds that quick decision-making is key to succeeding on this journey.

Because Bastien, like the other candidates, had no room for error. To qualify for the semi-finals, he had to complete the course in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

He says that he let himself be guided by his techniques and his feelings, and that he decided to act according to what he felt. He took the risk of trusting his instincts and not caring too much about what happened next. He considers that it was the best way for him to proceed and he is satisfied with the results obtained, he managed to pass all the obstacles and reach the imposed time.

Two brothers face each other

This Saturday, Bastien will not be the only one trying to qualify for the finals. Two sports brothers from Loire-Atlantique, Léopold and Valentin Decarnin, also participate in the show. The two brothers, aged 30 and 32, registered blindly and found themselves on the course the same day, without knowing it.

Valentin said he was aware that his brother was on the same journey as him, but he hadn’t expected that they would come face to face. They will be on television this Saturday, January 21, for the qualification and the semi-final.

A challenge met? Did Bastien manage to qualify for the finals?

This Saturday, viewers will finally know: from 9:10 p.m., on TF1, the rope access technician will find out if his performance was impressive enough for the jury and the coaches. One thing is certain: he took great pleasure in taking up this new challenge.

He concluded by saying that it was really intense and he had a blast. He was able to find great pleasure in facing challenges he never thought he could overcome, and in measuring himself against people endowed with great talent.

With such determination, it is certain that Bastien will not make Ninja Warrior one more test.

Bastien’s participation in Ninja Warrior is to be discovered this Saturday, January 21, from 9:10 p.m., on TF1.

Bastien took on a new challenge by participating in the channel’s obstacle course show “Ninja Warrior”.

After being the joint winner of “Koh-Lanta: the cursed Totem”, Bastien has made it his mission to overcome all the obstacles imposed by the show and qualify for the finals. If he managed to reach the imposed time, only on Saturday January 21 we will know.

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