why superethanol E85 flames in turn

published on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.

In January, the price of superethanol exceeded one euro per liter for the first time, reports TF1. Several causes explain this situation: increased demand, production costs, etc.

Since the start of 2023, fuel prices have been soaring again in France.

In question, in particular, the end of the general rebate proposed by the government. Like unleaded and diesel, superethanol also costs more, reports TF1, Saturday January 14.

Indeed, this fuel called E85 exceeded one euro per liter for the first time, even reaching 1.18 euros in some service stations, twice as much as six months ago. An increase that annoys the followers of superethanol, yet less polluting for the planet. “Last year, I filled up for 30 euros, and now I’m at almost 50”deplores a motorist, with the chain.

Superethanol victim of its own success

According to a mechanic from Lesquin (Nord) interviewed by TF1 8 p.m., this price surge is seasonal. “We need more gasoline in the bioethanol mixture in winter for reasons of difficulty starting, and the more gasoline we put in the bioethanol, the more the price at the pump increases”, he explains. According to him, the price of E85 should drop next spring.

Superethanol, whose production costs from agriculture have increased, is also a victim of its own success. “The fact that there are many more consumers who are turning to bioethanol puts pressure on supply, which cannot keep up. This attractiveness pushes up the price of bioethanol at the pump”estimates with TF1 Karine Sebi, professor of energy economics at the school of management of Grenoble (Isère).

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