why judge Burgaud does not appear in the documentary?

This Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 9:10 p.m., France 2 is broadcasting the last two episodes of The Outreau affair, the documentary series event of this beginning of the year. As in the first two parts broadcast the previous week, the floor is given to many speakers, including four of the thirteen people wrongly accused. An important person, however, is missing: Judge Fabrice Burgaud. Tele-Leisure explains why.

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After the success of the first two episodes broadcast on Tuesday January 17, 2017, France 2 is broadcasting the third and fourth episodes of The Outreau affair, this Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 9:10 p.m. With this documentary series, the channel sheds new light on one of the most resounding legal fiascos that France has known. “This series, we made it to take a step back in order to shed light on this matter in the light of today“, explains Luc Martin-Gousset, the producer of the program. It thus stands out from the documentary signed by an acquitted and broadcast 12 years ago in Restricted zone on M6 or, closer to us, on the LCP and Public Sénat channels in 2020.

Lives crushed by the judicial machine

Remember, in December 2005, after two trials and four years of proceedings, the Paris Court of Appeal acquitted the last defendants in the Outreau case, finally clearing thirteen people wrongly accused. Among these women and men whose lives have been crushed by the judicial machine, four speak out in the documentary series and return twenty years later to the hell they went through… In particular Alain Marécaux, whose ordeal was told in the film Presumed guiltywith Philip Torreton. His son, François-Xavier Marécaux, speaks for the very first time on this affair which took place when he was a child. His testimony is short, but intense. Several lawyers who took part in the trials also provide their insight. On the other hand, some interlocutors whose voices we would have liked to hear are missing.

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Judge Fabrice Burgaud to absent subscribers

Thus, no police officer who took part in the investigation at the time is present in the documentary series. Not because they did not want to testify, but because they received the order from the Ministry of the Interior not to answer any questions concerning the Outreau affair. The one everyone was hoping for to speak was of course Judge Fabrice Burgaud, who investigated the case and whose methods were widely criticized at the time. The young judge did not hesitate to invoke surreal excuses to keep hold of the case. He had also had to explain himself to a parliamentary commission of inquiry. If archival images of his hearing are well integrated into the documentary, Judge Burgaud does not appear, except through the actor who embodies him in the fictional sequences. Fabrice Burgaud, now Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, has nevertheless been asked several times by the production team of the documentary series, but he refused to explain what must be called a judicial fiasco. A regrettable absence.

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