who are Michel Drucker’s guests on January 22, 2023?

Michel Drucker had received Michel Galabru in his famous red sofa in April 2015, just a few months before the death of the actor. The host offers this Sunday, January 22 a special issue of Can’t wait for Sunday on France 3 to pay tribute to the actor.

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He was a huge character.” Here is what he said Michael Drucker January 4, 2016, the day of the death of Michel Galabru. “It was 220 incredibly funny films. He knew it all. Three generations, including young people, know Galabru”he remembered during his time in the Buzz-TV of Figaro. “He was a huge actor, Pagnolesque and not only. He was still on stage not so long ago. But he was 93 years old, I did a lot of shows with him and he was very bruised by the disappearance of his brother (in October 2014, editor’s note) then that of his wife, a few months ago. I knew he wouldn’t survive the disappearance of his wife…, had then affirmed the facilitator. Seven years after the death of Michel Galabru, he remains faithful to him and continues to pay tribute to him by granting him a Can’t wait for Sunday special from 1:30 p.m. on France 3 on January 22, 2023.

Michel Galabru’s daughter, Emmanuelle, on the red sofa

To evoke the one who was much more than the acolyte of Louis de Funès in the saga of Gendarmeshis friend will do it intimately by receiving her daughter, Emmanuelle Galabru, fruit of his love with his late wife. Now 46 years old, she has also become an actress. In 1996, the father staged his daughter in Feydeau’s play We purge baby. In 2004, they even performed together in the play The Boorsby Carlo Goldoni. “We can’t forget that it’s his father. There’s a communication that’s done in the eyeshe confided in Telematin in February 2022. A strong experience to which she will no doubt return with Michel Drucker. Illustrator Emmanuel Chaunu will tell in drawings the whole career of the actor who had marked the spirits at the end of his life, in particular in an anthology monologue in the film of Dany Boon Welcome to the Ch’tisreleased in 2008.

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His “spiritual son” Éric Carrière (Les Chevaliers du Biel) will pay tribute to him

In the famous red sofa, we will also find Didier Barbelivien. Every Sunday, the singer and songwriter is at the helm of the show Tell me what you sing on Europe 1. In November 2022, the 68-year-old artist released an eponymous record which he presents as the final album of his career and with which he will go on tour again at the end of 2023. April 19, 2015the musician was already present at the same time as Michael Galabru and her daughter Emmanuelle on the set of Can’t wait for Sunday. To remember the late actor, what better than to have a comedian by your side? Michel Drucker will therefore receive the comedian of the Chevaliers du Biel, Eric Career. The latter considered Michel Galabru as “a spiritual father”. He also wrote some of his texts at the end of his career. “He was inconsolable over the death of his wife which was only a few weeks old. He died on his wife’s birthday”had reacted the actor and author on France Blue after the death of the master of laughter. Words completely in line with those of Michel Drucker.

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