Which is the best bean-to-cup coffee machine to choose?

The bean-to-cup coffee machine also improves the taste of your coffee. Indeed, it allows to mix several types of grains and foams. This allows you to achieve a richer taste. However, you must take into account that you cannot use a lot of beans in the bean to cup coffee machine. This is a point to take into account if you must use a lot of grains.

Thanks to the bean-to-cup coffee machine, you can enjoy a more delicate coffee. This is due to the machine heating the coffee beans. This allows you to enjoy a more intense aroma. The use of a bean-to-cup coffee machine does not require knowledge of coffee. Lovers of good coffee appreciate the quality obtained with a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Also, these machines are often easier to use. This allows you to enjoy coffee at your convenience.

Selection of the best winning coffee machines

Krups Essential YY8135 FD: An ideal compromise with its LCD screen

Krups Essential YY8135 FD
Krups Essential YY8135 FD – DR

The device Krups Essential YY8135 FD is a compact model with LCD display. The cleaning of the nozzles is done automatically. This model is quite easy to use and allows you to enjoy a coffee bean machine for a decent price. Krups appliances are renowned for their quality of manufacture and their longevity.

Most :

  • Its LCD screen;
  • Automatic cleaning;
  • Its decent price.

The lessers :

  • Few recipes available.

Saeco GranAroma: Has 14 coffee recipes for all tastes

Saeco GranAroma
Saeco GranAroma – DR

With the GranAroma coffee machine, you have 14 different recipes for a coffee adapted to your personality and your desires. One of the most interesting functions of the Saeco GranAroma coffee machine is the CoffeeMaestro. This function allows you to select the desired taste profile and automatically adjusts preparation parameters such as intensity and volume.

Most :

  • 14 coffee recipes;
  • Perfect adjustment of the parameters according to your tastes.

The lessers :

Siemens EQ 500: a versatile model with ground coffee or beans

Siemens EQ 500
Siemens EQ 500 – DR

This Siemens coffee machine is particularly attractive. The iAroma System brings together 4 technologies that make it possible to obtain flawless coffee. It features a ceramic grinder, an exclusive heating system, optimal water pump pressure and a removable percolation unit. The Aroma DoubleShot function allows two grinding and percolation processes to be carried out at the same time. This allows better percolation and better quality coffee.

Most :

  • Automatic milk system rinsing function;
  • Aroma DoubleShot and iAroma System for always perfect coffee.

The lessers :

Melitta Solo E950: a simple and compact machine

Melitta Solo E950
Melitta Solo E950 – DR

In addition to its design and simplicity, the Melitta Solo E950 coffee machine lets you enjoy freshly brewed coffee. The mill of this model has 5 levels of grinding fineness adjustment. One of the strengths of this conical stainless steel grinder is that it is very easy to clean.

Most :

  • Conical stainless steel grinder;
  • Design and compactness.

The lessers :

  • Price a little high for a model without screen.

De’Longhi Magnifica S: the pleasure of ground coffee with maximum aroma

De'Longhi Magnifica S
De’Longhi Magnifica S – DR

With the bean coffee machine, you can easily make all your favorite drinks. This then allows you to create a unique drink. The removable water tank is very practical for simplified filling.

Most :

  • Large volume water tank;
  • Coffee quality;
  • Reasonable price.

The lessers :

  • Handling a bit difficult.

Philips Series 2200: its intuitive touch screen is a real plus

Philips 2200 Series
Philips 2200 Series – DR

The series touch screen Philips 2200 is a real plus. Indeed, users can easily display the parameters of their choice thanks to the touch screen. One of the advantages of Panarello milk frother is that it creates the perfect froth. This can be an asset, especially if you want to create a thick lather. The touch screen of this coffee machine is very intuitive. My Coffee Choice mode makes it easy to change the strength and volume of your coffee.

Most :

  • Intuitive touch screen;
  • Panarello mousseur.

The lessers :

  • Many parameters to adjust.

Krups Essential YY8125 FD: economical and reliable

Krups Essential YY8125 FD
Krups Essential YY8125 FD – DR

Krups has launched four new models in its Essential range, and this one could be yours. The use of a bean coffee machine is economical, because you do not need to buy already ground coffee. All you need to do is get coffee beans and add water to the machine. This allows you to reduce your coffee expenses. This machine also allows you to enjoy quality coffee. This allows you to enjoy a product that will last for many years.

Most :

  • Basic and simple model;
  • Solid and reliable;
  • Accessible.

The lessers :

Philips Series 5400: color display and milk frother

Philips 5400 Series
Philips 5400 Series – DR

When choosing a coffee machine, you must ensure that the milk frother is of high quality. The latter should allow you to make creamy and velvety foams. One of the specificities of the Philips 5400 Series is that it allows you to prepare 12 specialty coffees.

This allows you to brew a different coffee whenever you want to drink one. The TFT touch screen of the Philips 5400 Series coffee machine is very easy to use. This allows you to easily choose the recipe you want to prepare. With the ExtraShot function, you can enjoy stronger coffee without any bitterness.

Most :

  • 12 recipes;
  • ExtraShot function;
  • Easy to use touch screen.

The lessers :

Why choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and the demand is not waning. One of the features of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is that it can add flavor to your coffee. It will also allow you to personalize your coffee.

If you opt for a grain model, you will be able to vary your recipes. This will also allow you to vary the tastes and flavors, which is ideal if you want to offer a different coffee to each guest.

One of the benefits of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is that you can enjoy higher quality products. This is because you can choose the type of coffee you use yourself.

What are the different options for bean-to-cup coffee machines?

You have decided to buy a bean-to-cup coffee machine. One of the main differences between bean-to-cup coffee machines and others is the variety of recipes. Indeed, the latter are very numerous and will allow you to adapt to your tastes. With this type of coffee machine, you can easily prepare a real espresso.

One of the benefits of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is that it gives off a stronger smell than freshly ground coffee. This is mainly because the coffee is still fresh when grinding. Additionally, you can choose the type of grit you want to use. This then allows you to choose the coffee taste you want.

Bean-to-cup coffee is all the rage right now and it’s not going to subside in the years to come. This is a real trend that will develop in all countries of the world. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the most popular appliances to meet everyone’s coffee needs, especially in the mornings. To choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine, it is important to look at several models in order to find the best product.

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