where does the Bambara family live?

The viewers of the program Large families: life in XXL recently discovered that Nasser and Rofrane Bambara have aborted their plan to live in Morocco. Having stayed in France for the well-being of their children, where does one of TF1’s star tribes currently live?

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Back for the sixth season of the docu-reality Large families: life in XXLon TF1, Nasser and Rofrane Bambara have once again agreed to share their daily lives. And what is certain is that viewers will not be bored when they discover the new adventures of the parents of the quadruplets Kheïry, Chemsy, Noor and Hajar. But it is in the tone of confidence that the influencer mom wanted to start the start of her broadcast. “At some point, I couldn’t take it anymore. It weakened me, it took a toll on my morale and my health”she explained in front of the cameras of the show, remembering the shock that was the discovery of the son’s autistic disorderKheiry.

The tribe of southern France

It’s at Montpellier that the cameras of TF1’s XXL docu-reality go to follow the daily life of the Bambara tribe. Very attached to their city – which also saw the birth of the quadruplets, on January 5, 2018 -, Nasser and Rofrane still thought about quitting their habits. “In a few weeks we are going to live in Morocco. As Nasser was able to take availability, it is true that we will transfer a little of our savings. Life in Morocco is a bit cheaper. We’re super excited about this big announcement.“, said the young parents, in the episode of December 6, 2022. But in the end everything did not go as planned!

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Back to square one

While all the final preparations for their departure were settled, Rofrane was panicked, thinking of the medical needs of her children, followed from a very young age in Montpellier. “I freaked out. (…) We had to find speech therapists specializing in ASD. We had to find psychomotor therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, all that twice. (…). I was crying every day ’cause we was on the way out, we had it all“, she confided, on December 9, in her Instagram story. So, realizing that all “pins“of her children were in their hometown, the influencer mom resigned herself because nothing is more important than the development of her toddlers!

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Large families, life in XXL: where does the Bambara family live?

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