when the “tea party” turns sour


A “tea for four” gone wrong. – Credit:DOMINIC EICHLER / Felix Diemer / dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

VSIt was to be the rendezvous of reconciliation. It quickly turned to confrontation and a duel between sisters-in-law, with its share of bitterness, jealousy and vexation… The scene is reported by Harry in his Memoirs, it takes place in June 2018 at Kensington Palace, a month after his glamorous wedding to Meghan. The Cambridges decided to invite the Sussexes to “lighten the atmosphere”, according to Prince Harry.

It must be said that Meghan suffered a difficult baptism of fire: the press seized on her disagreement with his father Thomas, who did not come to the wedding, the tension was extreme, the bride overseeing her nuptials with an attention that bordered on perfectionism, even going so far as to tangle with Kate over her daughter Charlotte’s dress, which was not the right size – Kate, who had just given birth to Louis, would have cried, but the Duchess of Sussex argues the opposite…READ ALSO Memoirs of Prince Harry: the appalling unboxing of a “spoiled child”

The Cambridges want to put the pieces back together. And getting to know Meghan better: they were initially stunned to learn that Harry was dating an actress from the series Suits, of which they are fans. But the first doubts appeared when she saw Meghan behave somewhat familiarly, as if on conquered territory, kissing William from day one, and shaking up the sometimes dusty habits of the royal palaces… William even told his brother […] Read more

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