WhatsApp has finished rolling out the feature you’ve all been waiting for

The messaging app can now be used as a sticky note app. WhatsApp includes a function that allows you to send messages to yourself.

You can now officially use WhatsApp like a note-taking app. Instant messaging began at the end of November with the deployment ofa function to send messages to oneself. In any case, this is what the release notes of the latest WhatsApp update suggest, in which the application finally formalizes this possibility. This deployment having been done gradually over several weeks, there is a good chance that you have already had this new feature for some time, perhaps without you noticing it.

whatsapp message to self
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When WhatsApp turns into a reminder

What’s the point of being able to message yourself in WhatsApp? The same as sending documents to each other as an e-mail attachment to store them in the Cloud and find them more easily at any time. The messaging application being always at hand, it will be able to transform into a formidable reminder. Because if you use WhatsApp simultaneously on several smartphones, or if you have connected the application to your computer, all your conversations are synchronized. You will therefore be able to easily find on all your devices the notes, photos, screenshots, documents and links that you have shared with yourself.

whatsapp message to self
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This new feature is all the more practical since you can use the search engine integrated into the detailed information of your conversation to more easily find your notes and consult all the shared files, classified by type. To use this feature, all you have to do is create a new conversation and select your name, which should automatically appear at the top of your contact list.

WhatsApp is not the first messaging app to offer this option. Long before her, Meta proposed it on facebook messenger as well as on top instagram. Other competing messaging apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Signal also offered similar functionality.

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