What’s the first thing you saw? This test will reveal if you are a jealous person.

Start your year 2023 by knowing more about your behavior in your romantic relationships, because we present to you a personality test which will help you find out. Are you ready ? Get to know all the rules of this visual test before starting to solve it.

Personality test: What’s the first thing you saw?

This test is easy to pull off, just pick the first thing your eyes can pick up in seconds. Will you be able to see birds, trees or people’s heads? Remember to avoid distractions.

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Head silhouettes: Your jealousy is often noticeable early in your relationship, but it’s something your partner can’t identify. You are very adept at overcoming any of your goals, and people close to you consider you calm.

Trees : You don’t usually show your jealousy early in your relationships, and you may even go years without feeling it as you take the time to fall deeply in love. However, you are jealous when your partner spends time with other people, but you are the type to think “my peace of mind first”.

Birds : Jealousy does not play a big role in your relationship. During the first few months, you focus on creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for your partner. You consider whoever is missing in your relationship to be the loser, you only focus on yourself.

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