What is this “cyclonic bomb”, which is terrorizing California and has already killed two people?

A particularly powerful weather phenomenon is hitting the state of California in the United States. At least two deaths are to be deplored. We speak of a “cyclonic bomb”.

Gusts at 160 km / h, torrential rains. The force of the elements is falling with great violence currently in California. This Wednesday January 4 and Thursday January 5, the first assaults of this “cyclonic bomb” were felt. AFP, quoted by the Huffington Post, reported two deaths, including a young child, who was in a mobile home crushed by a falling tree. On Twitter, many images suggest the power of bad weather.

And this weather phenomenon, which has not said its last word, makes California fear the worst, where the storm has already caused flooding, cut roads and power cuts.

The extent of this phenomenon is explained by several factors, starting with the fact that the soils are currently already saturated with water, due to violent depressions that hit the state of California at the end of December. From now on, the soils can no longer absorb water, while new rains are expected in the coming days.

Formation of a cyclone bomb

ud83cudf28ufe0f The different stages of the formation of a “cyclone bomb” or “low pressure bomb”, a storm that generates waves of cold and bad weather with uncommon rapidity u2935ufe0f #AFP #AFPgraphics pic.twitter.com/w2EF12Dyq6

– Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) January 5, 2023

In an infographic, AFP explains how a cyclonic bomb forms. It is in fact a mass of cold polar air which approaches warm air masses in temperate zones (such as California). As they meet, the warm air cools and rises and condenses, causing atmospheric pressure to drop very rapidly, which strengthens the winds around the storm.

This Thursday, the American Meteorological Service (NWS), quoted by the press agencies, evoked “a significant atmospheric river event will affect California all day Thursday with heavy to excessive rain, debris-carrying flooding and landslides near recently burned areas, heavy mountain snow and high winds.”

Here are the latest Key Messages highlighting the series of atmospheric rivers that will continue to significantly impact CA into next week. Considerable flood impacts and dangerous mountain travel will resume over northern and central CA Saturday, and carry into Tues. pic.twitter.com/zC62ajyoR7

—NWS Weather Prediction Center (@NWSWPC) January 5, 2023

And despite a lull this Friday morning, NWS warns the population of a new episode expected this Friday evening. On its Twitter account, the meteorological service reports an atmospheric river which arrives at the end of the day Friday in northern California and spreads to the center and to the south this Saturday, raising fears again of heavy rains and floods.

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