What is the best galette in the supermarket?

To choose the best galettes des rois in supermarkets, 60 million consumers sifted through six of them. A brief overview.

The galette des rois is THE star of the month for January and it’s finally back. While some will take the time to make it themselves, others, on the other hand, will prefer to buy it in a pastry shop or in the supermarket. To help you in your choice and select the best possible, 60 million consumers screened six frangipane pancakes: that of Carrefour Extra, Aldi (Les Pâtissades), Lidl (Maître Jean Pierre), Monoprix, Brioche Pasquier and Picard.

In terms of prices, three of them stand out. Those of Aldi, Lidl and Carrefour Extra cost only 2.49 euros, an unbeatable price at a time when the purchasing power of the French is being abused . However, they differ in composition. In competition, the two German brands Aldi and Lidl do not count the same number of ingredients. The first has 22 against 16 for the second. Lidl’s galette des rois contains fewer industrial ingredients and is therefore ahead of Aldi’s.

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That of Picard stands out

Despite everything, that of Lidl (Maître Jean Pierre) is not free from defects. Just like that of Aldi, it contains a very large quantity of vegetable fats (palm and copra, sunflower or rapeseed). The proportions are even more important than butter. Both also contain sorbic acid (E200), a preservative, and mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471), texturing agents suspected of promoting inflammatory bowel disease, as recalled by 60 million consumers. For the same price, that of Carrefour does not contain any. Note, however, that the three least expensive galettes contain rum. A taste that could delight some or displease others, depending on taste.

Regarding almond powder, the proportions are far from being the same depending on the product. With 5%, those of Monoprix and Carrefour Extra are average. The Brioche Pasquier, it comes at the bottom of the ranking with only 2%. Concretely, by comparing all the galettes des rois selected by 60 million consumers, it is that of Picard that clearly stands out. It has the highest almond powder content (7.7%), contains only 12 ingredients and is the least processed.

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