“We will put in place the employee dividend”, insists Bruno Le Maire

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Despite opposition from employers, the government is staying the course on this measure, which was promoted by Emmanuel Macron during the last presidential campaign.

While this measure of employee dividend encountered strong resistance from employers, the government stayed the course. “The employee dividend was proposed by the President of the Republic and it will be implemented. We’ll set it up“, declared this Friday Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, on BFM Business.

The employee dividend is, indeed, a measure that was put forward by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign to allow a better sharing of company profits towards employees. But the discussions, started since the beginning of the year, between social partners on the sharing of value in business are proving to be delicate.

“An impossible negotiation”

It is an impossible negotiation because the members of the government and/or the members of the Renaissance party announced the results before the end” of the debates, declared, in the middle of the week, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, president of Medef, during a press conference. “Renaissance has announced that it plans to pass legislation in the spring that would mandate widespread ownership in companies under 50“employees, which are not yet subject to the obligation to distribute a profit-sharing, explained the president of the first French employers’ organization. He added that the presidential party further plans “a much less clear system for participating in super dividends» in the event of exceptionally high profits made by the companies.

In addition, the French Association of Private Companies (Afep), which brings together 114 large groups, had already expressed, in mid-December, its “skepticism» as to the establishment of a compulsory employee dividend, in addition to the value distribution mechanisms already present.

But despite this opposition from employers, the government persists and signs and sees in the compulsory employee dividend a means of better remunerating the French for their work while the pension reform requires them to work two additional years. “When we ask the French to make an effort by asking them to work two more years, we must at the same time guarantee them that they will be better paid“argues Bruno Le Maire.


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