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One my culpa diplomacy before returning to OM?

It was hallway noise which ultimately did not last long: in the summer of 2020, rumors evoked a possible takeover of OM with Mourad Boudjellal at the head of a new project financed by the Tunisian Mohamed Ajroudi. It never ended and the current president of Hyères 83 FC (Marseille’s next opponent in the Coupe de France) returned to this episode for the JDD : “I haven’t been good, but I don’t care about my imagehe added. Even Picasso made drafts. So much the better that it didn’t happen with OM. It was too big to start. I think I would have failed miserably. And that I would have been driven out of Marseilles with tar and feathers. »

“In this story, I let myself be seduced, it was exciting. I never wanted to buy OM, but Ajroudi may have had the means or the investors for it. Except he just wanted to go back and forth. And above all, he lied, because he never had contact with McCourt, when he assured me. The media coverage drove him crazy. We were totally delirious, ridiculous” says the one who had already said he wanted to apologize to Frank McCourt for this episode, in an interview with Nice morning in June. “The problem was not with him, but with Jacques-Henri Eyraud. A hatred was created, firstly because I did not spare him. Incidentally, I note that Longoria, with a priori the same means, does the job that Eyraud did not. »

No doubt: Frank McCourt should therefore remain the boss of OM for a while.


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