“We looked at the sky until we had cramps”: a hunter films a very strange phenomenon in Australia

Roger Matthews, reports Paris Match, attended at the beginning of the year 2023 a scene as beautiful as it is intriguing. An unexplained phenomenon. “That was crazy,” said the hunter.

“It was crazy: the orbs were imploding and exploding before returning to their original shape. And it repeated itself, like a cycle […] The explosions were perfectly circular and contained […] We stared at the sky until we had cramps in the back of our necks.”

These words, reports Paris Matchare those of Roger Matthews in The Canberra Times. According to the magazine, this crocodile hunter witnessed a particularly strange scene in the sky in northern Australia at the start of 2023. Scene that he partly filmed and which actually raises many questions. We can see a blue light perform a strange ballet as beautiful as it is intriguing.

Lights of Min Min

According to Paris Match, this unidentified spectacle could be related to the “lights of Min Min”. “This phenomenon has been reported since the 19th century all over the country, in particular in the hottest areas, explain our colleagues. Several scientists have put forward different hypotheses – luminescent insects, underground gas, solar refraction… – without managing to propose a theory that is unanimous.

In any case, nothing to convince Roger Matthews, cited by the Blue Mountains Gazette : “The lights of Min Min are an energetic phenomenon and are very different. I’ve seen them before, in the desert in 1985.” Will we ever have the end of the story? Nothing is less sure.

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