we know the extent of Jeremy Renner’s injury damage, and it’s not pretty

Although Jeremy Renner regularly gives news on his state of health after his serious accident, it could be that the actor is out of filming for many months. Indeed, his state of health would be much more worrying than he wants to let on. We take stock of the state of health of our favorite archer.

Jeremy Renner’s accident

Jeremy Rennerfamous for being the face of Hawkeye in the MCUsuffered a severe snowplow accident new year’s day. The actor was hospitalized in emergency and underwent several surgeries. Details of the actor’s injuries remained vague, but his life was at risk. Today, the actor came out of a coma, from the hospital, and was able to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones on January 7. Jeremy Renner recently took to social media to reassure his fans about his condition, proving he’s still on his feet and his recovery is taking its course.

However, the physical condition of Jeremy Renner would be worrying. The actor would still be very far from having fully recovered from his accident which would have caused blunt trauma to the chest and orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy Renner’s health is worrying

Indeed, according to the website Radar Onlinerelatives of Jeremy Renner claim that “it’s much worse than what you know”. Going into more detail, the outlet goes on to say that:

The right side of Jeremy’s chest was crushed and his upper torso collapsed. He also had a bad bleeding head wound and a leg wound. Jeremy was in a lot of pain and had trouble breathing.

Another source of Radar Online stated that Jeremy Renner was going to take some time to be fully operational again. She even adds that her Recovery could take up to two years:

It is said that the damage to Jeremy’s chest was so extensive that it had to be reconstructed in surgery.

For the moment, the actor has already undergone two surgeries and “will probably need more in the coming weeks for his leg” added a Radar Online source.

Even though his role in the MCU has been reduced since the series Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner is still the face of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He would no doubt have taken up his bow and arrows for the needs of the next two Avengers. Jeremy Renner was also expected in the remake of spawn, directed by Todd McFarlane. We hope the actor will be on his feet soon., at least enough to return to the film sets. In any case, we wish a speedy recovery to Jeremy Renner.

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