vigilance on the beaches after the attack of a baby seal

ON VIDEO – The animal was spotted on a popular beach in Cape Town. He bit at least two people.

Funny attack in South Africa. The country’s authorities on Wednesday urged holidaymakers to stay away from marine wildlife after a baby seal attacked sunbathers at a popular beach in the Cape (Clifton 4th Beach), not far from the popular area of ​​Camps Bay. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said lifeguards at Clifton Beach treated two people who were bitten by a “baby seal”. “We call on all swimmers and paddlers to stay clear of seals and avoid marine animals”the organization added in a press release.

bite attempt

A video shared on social media shows a seal pup chasing a child in shallow water. The animal tried to bite the child on the leg before two men came to its rescue, causing the animal to flee at the same time.

According to the NSRI, similar incidents have taken place on beaches in the area in recent months. South African beaches are very popular at this time, corresponding to summer in the southern hemisphere.


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