Video survey | The failings of the police during the uprising in Brasilia

Did the police become an accomplice to theinvasion of Brazil’s high places of power by demonstrators on January 8, 2023? The world analyzed more than a hundred videos recorded that day in Brasilia. They were filmed during the parade which preceded the invasion, on the esplanade in front of the Congress and the presidential palace, and inside the buildings. These elements make it possible to reconstruct the thread of events and to better understand the role of the police. Here is our investigation into the January 8, 2023 uprising.


Context :
Presidential election in Brazil: Lula elected by a short head against Bolsonaro in the second round
In Brazil, the military police accused of collusion with the putschists during the attempted insurrection
Calls to demonstrate on the networks
Call for the collapse of the system
Audio message from the collaborator of the governor of Brasilia

Census of videos published on social networks in connection with the uprising of January 9, 2023 in Brasilia:

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