VIDEO. Oise: to avoid waste, a farmer sells his organic vegetables for 1 euro per kilo

“We filled up there, it’s worth it,” says Alain, all smiles with his two huge white and yellow knitted mesh bags in his hand. “20 kg of red beets and 20 kg of potatoes! he exclaims, tossing his cargo into his trunk. “One euro per kilo… It’s an unbeatable price,” explains Lutitia with her hands in the carrots filling her bag. We monitor promotions right and left but we are wary of fake promotions from supermarkets. Here it is of good quality and it is directly from the producer. »

This flash sale of vegetables at attractive prices, it was Clément Leturcq who had the idea. This organic farmer from Oise, located in the village of Thieux on the Picardy plateau, was thinking about an idea to sell his stock of pumpkins with small black spots. This does not alter the taste or quality in any way, but the squashes are not accepted in supermarkets.

“I told myself that to give a boost to consumers, I was going to offer my production cheaper than in supermarkets, explains the farmer. So I lower the prices of the pumpkins and I offer the rest, beets, potatoes and carrots, at one euro per kilo, because I’m not sure people would come just for the pumpkins. »

Find our video report on the flash sale of organic vegetables at low prices at the top of the article.

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