VIDEO. In “the coldest city in the world”, it’s even colder than usual

The Russian city of Yakutsk, in Siberia, is used to extremely cold January months. But the cold wave that has been hitting the region for several days has brought temperatures down to record levels. -51.8°C, for example, was recorded there on Monday morning. That is nearly 11°C below normal for the season.

“It’s quite simple in fact, explains Anastasia, a resident of Yakutsk and visibly little bothered by these temperatures (still) lower than usual. “I have two mittens, two scarves. Warm shoes are essential. And you have to cover your head”. This Sunday, in the city market, Nurgusun is selling fish. Outdoors. She, too, puts it into perspective: “We dress accordingly and (we feel) very good. That’s all (…) Just dress warmly, in several layers. Like a cabbage. »

Despite everything, some residents of the city, located 5000 kilometers east of Moscow, admit to suffering from the cold. ” It is very cold today. I think -51C is very cold. We are frozen. But thanks to the customers, we move around, so we warm up that way,” testifies Alyona, also a seller at the market.

The whole region around Yakutsk is particularly affected by this polar cold. Thus in Tongulakh, the mercury even went down to -62.4°C.

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