VIDEO. A surgeon sings songs to her patients to relax them before surgery

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A gynecologist from Bordeaux was filmed singing a song to a patient to relax her before an intervention. A practice that the surgeon does regularly.

A melody to calm anxiety. The managing director of the Bordeaux Nord Atlantique Group published, on Saturday January 7, a video of a surgeon, doctor Aïcha N’Doye, singing a song to a patient in the operating room.

This extract moved the web. The gynecologist and senologist practitioner, in intervention dress, begins “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys while looking her patient in the eyes. The goal? Reassure and relax her before anesthesia. A practice that the doctor started when she was an intern.

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In Bordeaux, Dr. Aicha N’Doye, a surgeon, sings regularly to soothe her patients before an operation.

To listen, thrill guaranteed!

— Naima Charai (@NaimaCharai) January 11, 2023

“A patient was very agitated at the time of the anesthesia, impossible to infuse her, to put her to sleep so I told myself that I was going to try to sing her a song”, she confided to our colleagues from BFM TV.

“Where I work, I have patients in complex situations, a lot of oncology or very long care pathways,” she added, explaining that she adapted to each patient, depending on the need or not a song and the title of the song sometimes requested.

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