Various facts – Police custody of Bernard Laporte: in question, a donation dating back twelve years

In a press release, the tax lawyer Thierry Nesa, who accompanied Bernard Laporte in police custody this afternoon in the Paris region, assured that no charge had been brought against his client before entering more at the heart of the case. .

It is through a press release that Thierry Nesa, the tax lawyer who accompanied Bernard Laporte during his hearing this afternoon, reacted to the custody of his client, heard as a partner for a history of money laundering and tax fraud. Thierry Nesa, lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal, tax advisor to Bernard Laporte who accompanied him this morning to a hearing before the Service d’EnquĂȘte Judiciaire des Finances, informs that Bernard Laporte and himself have left the premises of police services this day at 6 p.m., that no charge has been brought against Bernard Laporte at this stage, that it would be a donation granted more than 12 years ago to a former rugby player friend and associate of Bernard Laporte, a donation which would not have been regularly declared to the tax authorities.”

It is established that Bernard Laporte did not receive any sum and is only involved as a partner. Master Thierry Nesa confirms that neither the French Rugby Federation nor Rugby in general can be impacted by this private file.” According to our information, the two other rugby players heard by the police are Denis Charvet and Jean-Pierre Rives, in business with Laporte on casinos.

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