Uranium package seized at London airport, counter-terrorism investigation opened

According to the first elements, the package came from Pakistan and it had been transported in a plane which had taken off from Oman before landing in England.

A routine check that led to the discovery of a package containing uranium at London’s Heathrow airport.

On December 29, 2022, border police officers identify a package containing a small amount of this radioactive metal in a scrap shipment thanks to dspecialized scanners when the plane was going to a cargo hangar.

The terrorist squad alerted

The latter therefore contacted the anti-terrorist brigade which recovered the package and an investigation was opened.

Indeed, uranium can be used to make a bomb, it is customary to investigate to avoid any terrorist attack.

According to The Sunthis package comes from Pakistan, it was transported on an airliner which had taken off from Muscat, the port capital of Oman.

Intended for Iranians?

The Sun claims it was aimed at Iranians living in England. Butthe intended destination of the shipment is unclear. There have been no arrests so far.

Force Counter Terrorism Team Commander Richard Smith told the BBC “While our investigation is still ongoing, this package does not appear to be linked to a direct threat.”

Before adding: “I want to reassure the population: the quantity of contaminated material was extremely low and its expertise concluded that it presented no danger to the population.”

As to Colonel Hamish of Bretton-Gordon, he said the incident “should not cause the public concern”.

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