Unusual: this baker hides a gold ingot which is very expensive as a bean in one of his galettes des rois

Among the galettes des rois to buy, there is one that makes you dream. For good reason, a baker had the idea of ​​hiding a 24-carat gold ingot there.

One 24 karat gold bar. This is what you might find if you buy a pancake between December 29, 2022 and January 26, 2023 in this Calais bakery (Pas de Calais). A very special bean whose value can reach 250 euros.

This 5 gram gold bar is concealed in one of the galettes des roiswhether it is 4 to 10 parts, apple or frangipane.

“There will only be two of us, namely Thomas, my pastry chef, and me”

When asked, the baker does not intend to reveal where the bean will be hidden, or when it will be sold. “There will only be two of us, Thomas, my pastry chef, and me”he told The voice of the North.

The idea came to Alexandre Saison, baker and pastry chef, when he wanted to stand out. He remembereda tradition which consisted in hiding a golden louis in the galette des rois and had the idea to put a gold bar. This jewel is an opportunity for him to attract customers. For whoever finds it, it’s a great way to start 2023.

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