Unusual: she parks 30 centimeters too far and receives a fine of… 180 euros

In Australia, parking your car incorrectly can be expensive. As reported Auto More this Saturday, January 14, a motorist complained of being fined for awkward parking whileit protruded only 30 centimeters.

“It’s one of the biggest fines for thirty centimeters”

On the photograph posted on Reddit by the user @u/DatabassAdmin, the car, a white Kia, can be seen parked on the street along a sidewalk, in an authorized area. It narrowly exceeds the sidewalk and therefore encroaches on the boat by a few centimeters (lowering the sidewalk). It would seem that the vehicle was in the way of his neighbor who could no longer return home. A fault which therefore earned this driver a fine of 180 euros.

According to the Reddit user who blames this mistake on his wife, “this is one of the biggest fines for thirty centimeters”. He says he regrets the fine but accepts it, considering that park there was a “stupid mistake”. He adds that this is the first fine his partner has ever received in 20 years of driving.

An Australian driver has been fined for having his vehicle overrun the rear of the parking space when he parked https://t.co/fLIJfdZfob

— AutoPlus (@AutoPlusMag) January 14, 2023

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