U2 reinterprets 40 songs to complete Bono’s autobiography

We will have to wait until March 17 to discover the forty titles selected and reinterpreted in the album. Songs Of Surrender by U2. These songs complete the autobiography of Bono Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story.

To have a very telling example of the new readings of emblematic songs of the group, it is enough to look at the small promotional clip in which we discover a refined version of Beautiful Day illustrating a video montage of the different periods of the group.

This is what motivated the existence of the project, which The Edge explained very well in a handwritten letter received by some fans.

He describes the evolution of U2 and the need to review certain titles, to adapt them to the adults they have become: “Intimacy has replaced post-punk urgency. New keys, new chords, new tempos and new lyrics have arrived” says the guitarist.

For his part, Bono revealed that the recording sessions responded to a need born from the first confinement, but also from the fact that he found it necessary to return to certain lyrics deemed unfinished.

Another good news: this new album should not be on the new iPhones on March 17 ;-).


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