Two wounded by gunshot in Basse-Terre

Has the city of Basse-Terre become dangerous? That night, in any case, two major incidents occurred in the space of 5 hours in two places that generally attract groups: the Cours Nolivos and the area around the post office.

What these two sites have in common: they are home to fast food outlets which, when crowded, whet unhealthy appetites.

It was first around 12:22 a.m., in the city center, on the public highway, near the town hall and neighborhoods hosting banking, health and shopping establishments, that an 18-year-old victim was injury to his right thigh following a gunshot.

When paramedics arrived, the man was conscious.

At 5:08 a.m., 5 hours later, it is at the Carmel, opposite the post office that we deplore a new gunshot wound. This time, the victim is older: 30 years old. And just as seriously affected since she was hit in the chest.

For each of these two interventions, the firefighters of Belost located in Saint Claude were called and the national police went on site. In the second case, the SMUR also intervened.

It is not known at the moment whether the state of health of the two victims has worsened or not, just as we have no indication of the risks incurred and whether their lives would be in danger.

We do not know either if the two facts are linked or the motive for these two attacks.

On the other hand, what we know is that they do not in any circumstances concern the tumble of this night with Voukoum and Akiyo which attracted a large crowd in the streets of Basse-Terre.

Two separate investigations were, in the wake of the facts, opened in order to allow the police officers of the Basse-Terre police station to investigate to find the perpetrators and the motives of these two attacks by firearm which come to raise as it is each times the case in such circumstances a number of questions about the safety of people in the chief town.

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