TPMP People – “It’s bullshit”, “It’s so embarrassing”, “I don’t believe it”: a clairvoyant comes to give her predictions on the set and Internet users do not believe it

A medium was invited on set to give her predictions for the year 2023.

A medium was invited on set to give her predictions for the year 2023.

This Saturday, January 7, C8 is broadcasting a new program from TPMP People. On the program of the day, the clairvoyant Andréa Desiles comes to give her predictions for the year 2023 on the stars, then on the chroniclers of the show. Internet users were not convinced by his remarks.

The future is not bright for everyone. This Saturday, January 7, on TPMP Peoplethe clairvoyant Andréa Desiles came to make her predictions for the year 2023. According to her, Celine Dion will not return to the stage because of his illness and the King Charles III will fall ill at the end of the year and will have to undergo surgery. On the good news side, she predicts that Kylian Mbappe will become a dad at the end of the year. Still on the British royal family, according to her, Prince William risks becoming king faster than expected.

Then, she goes on the predictions which concern the animators and the chroniclers of TPMP. On the set, she evokes Cyril Hanouna: “Finally love in broad daylight! Big decision.” Regarding Matthieu Delormeau, she explains that the month of June will be important for him in terms of love. “A very important meeting with someone we already know,” she says. Then, she evokes a professional success, the signing of a big contract for the host of TPMP People.

Matthieu Delormeau’s minute

“I absolutely do not believe it, it’s bullshit”

If on set, some columnists do not really believe in these predictions, on Twitter, it’s even worse. Internet users are not at all convinced by the words of Andréa Desiles. They remember that the latter is famous for having read the future in… cassoulet. What create doubt among viewers as to the veracity of his remarks.

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