TPMP: “He is drugged”, the presence of Benjamin Ledig, the influencer who twerks in churches, shocks internet users

Benjamin Ledig, the young influencer made famous for having twerked in churches, confided a year later in Touche pas à Mon Poste this Monday, January 16, 2023.

Cyril Hanouna received a divisive guest on Monday. The presenter and his team indeed welcomed Benjamin Ledigthe influencer who created the controversy after twerking in a church a year ago. Asked by The Parisian, the TikTokeur had defended his approach. “What I wanted to say is that I do not endorse what the Church is doing: its homophobia, the fact that same-sex marriage is not accepted,” he argued. On the set of TPMP, he assured that he had no intention of hurting anyone.

“I think I could do it again”

The video, posted on Tik Tok, had outraged public opinion. And the young man had gone even further in the provocation and had attacked other religions. As a result, he was harassed. Despite this bad buzz and this year that has just passed, Benjamin Ledig does not seem to regret his gesture and even said he was “ready to do it again”. Words that did not fail to react to Internet users on Twitter, who attacked both the influencer but also directly the C8 show…

“Couldn’t we send him home?” ; “He is on drugs” (remarks that go in the direction of those of Kelly Vedovelli who asked him if he was under illicit substances); “But why are you inviting this trash?” ; “The Interstellar Void”. Internet users who followed this new issue of TPMP did not go there with the back of the spoon.

But why do you invite this waste there? We don’t give a damn about him, what he becomes. What’s the point ?! He can’t even line up two words he’s so stoned. Pitiful #TPMP

— u2728 Cycy u2728 (@_Mys_Tic_) January 16, 2023

Why he laughs on serious questions, he is drugged there, it is not clear in any case?
In short, thank you for giving him the opportunity to talk about him again Hanouna, good pigeon? #tpmp

— Vincent R (@VincentR7791) January 16, 2023

He makes me breathe tired, dismayed. Couldn’t we send him home? He hurts people and complains that he reaped what he sowed.. well. #TPMP

— Skrush u2661? (@S_krrush) January 16, 2023

Asked about his mental health, the young man explained to Cyril Hanouna: “I wanted to go to the clinic to go and have myself interned and in the end I was not since I had no diagnosis”.

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