TPMP: “Get off, I’m not kidding”, Cyril Hanouna has the set evacuated for a surprising reason

This Thursday, January 5, Cyril Hanouna decided to get everyone out of the studio. We explain why.

“There is a beautiful woman behind you”. Cyril Hanouna interrupted his show “6 to 7” on C8 live this Thursday, January 5. The host was disturbed by the presence of a member of the public, placed just behind Gilles Verdez.

“I feel like I’ve arrived in paradise”

“No really, you’re gorgeous. No kidding, I feel like I’ve arrived in paradise. When you see paradise, there’s a girl like that waiting for you. It’s crazy,” called out Baba.

It would seem that the “love at first sight” is mutual since the woman in question replied: “You are very beautiful”. On the advice of Jean-Marie Bigard, who released “We may be leaving you”, Cyril Hanouna took this recommendation literally and had the set evacuated urgently. “Get out, I’m not kidding. Everyone. The public too”, claimed Cyril Hanouna, before addressing the woman with long white and shiny hair: “Get out, get out. Murielle, you stay but the others, get out. I don’t give a fuck”.

“Can’t you see I’m on a lease, get out, put yourself out there,” the presenter said. At the end of this lunar sequence, all of the spectators found themselves crammed between the space reserved for the cameras and a corridor. The happening didn’t last the whole evening and the fanzouzes ended up going back to their seats.

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