towards the end of the real estate dream in 2023?

There had already been some early harbinger signs of landing in late 2021, which 2022 only confirmed. The market then more or less resisted from the point of view of prices, but collapsed in volume. In 2023, the trend will increase further.

The new president of the Fnaim (national federation of real estate) of the Rhône, Pascal Pancrazio , speaks bluntly of a price drop (but “not a collapse”) which could, depending on the sector, the year of construction, the general condition, the characteristics or the green value, flirt between 5 and 10%. A setback that will inevitably shatter the real estate dreams of some owner-sellers.

Sellers who end up letting go of prices

Reluctant in recent months to sacrifice their selling price and to review their fantasized prospects for capital gains revised downwards, they are in the process, when they really want to sell, to come to their senses. Owners who have braced themselves on prices for long…

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