Top 14 – Patrice Collazo, manager of Brive: “I had other projects abroad but I wanted to know the CAB”

A month after taking over CA Brive, Patrice Collazo came back behind the scenes of his arrival in Corrèze. Asked abroad, and especially in England, the former manager of Toulon and La Rochelle was seduced by the Brive project and his collaboration with Arnaud Mela.

Is Patrice Collazo a miracle worker? Since his arrival in Brive, just before the derby against Clermont on December 23, the CAB lost only once in five games. The Coujoux notably offered themselves the scalps of Lyons (27-30), Toulon (26-17) and Cardiff (37-24) in the Challenge Cup. An impressive metamorphosis when the band of Saïd Hièreche was at the bottom of the Top 14 ranking before the arrival of Patrice Collazo. But the former manager of La Rochelle (2011-2018) and Toulon (2018-2021) prefers not to play the role of the providential man.

“Be careful, I don’t have a magic wand and the staff in place has very strong skills. I haven’t changed everything, but it was simply necessary to bring precision to the organization. Everyone should know their role perfectly” explained the old pillar of Gloucester in the columns of The Mountain. But before settling in Corrèze, Patrice Collazo wanted to make sure of a safe project and in line with the staff in place.

Arnaud Mela was acting between October and December 2022.

Arnaud Mela was acting between October and December 2022.
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I asked Arnaud Mela a question.

Courted abroad, Patrice Collazo wanted to take the pulse of the Brive project, read iqui had not hesitated to survey France, Italian clubs and even an amateur club of Federal 3 (Saint-Malo). “When I told you, after the Stade Français match that I had no contact with Brive, that was the reality. When the leaders called me a week before the derby against ASM, I had projects abroad, particularly in England. But out of respect for the institution, for the approach of the leaders and because the situation in the Brive ranking did not matter to me, I wanted to meet them.

The CAB leader explains in particular that his first contacts with Arnaud Mela, who had been acting since the departure of Jeremy Davidson, were decisive. “I asked him one question. Only one. I asked him if he wanted to work with me. Because I didn’t want to get into a difficult human situation. He said yes, so from there, we were able to move forward. I just know that by giving ourselves the means, we can do something huge at the end of the season. I think we have the power to decide where we will end up. a month ago, from an accounting point of view, it was hopeless for all the specialists. The storm stopped, the rain stopped, only the clouds are left. It’s up to us to go get the ‘thinning’.

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