Top 14 – Jauneau as a savior, McIntyre ended badly: the barometer of Clermont-Perpignan

TOP 14 – While the young Baptiste Jauneau pulled the ASM from a very bad step on his first ball, the Usap opener almost remembered the good memories of the Michelin, until the last five catastrophic minutes ruin everything…

The tops

There are actions which it is difficult to imagine that they are not driven by fate. Why did the rebound after the kick to follow by Cheickh Tiberghien choose to take such an improbable trajectory to deceive Jake McIntyre and land in the arms of Baptiste Jauneau, who entered the game in place of Sébastien Bézy for less than a minute? ? Impossible to explain rationally, in fact. The fact is that the gods of rugby had chosen to make Baptiste Jauneau the hero of the day, instead of his captain who could have turned out to be the villain of the story after his failed tackle on McIntyre. The ways of the oval are impenetrable…

His presence had been considerably lacking a week earlier against Toulouse, and we understood why. Fischer was indeed one of the rare Clermontois (with Lee and perhaps Raka) to mark the Catalans physically, dominating collisions both in defense (his strong point) with several furious rushes and quite a few meters gained, which allowed his partners to play in the advance. It was only once the latter was definitely out of breath that his staff decided to coach him, Fischer giving way to the 67e in Beheregaray…

What a good pick made by Usap! With his friend Lucas Bachelier himself in the oven and in the mill, the English fought a constant fight in the rucks, disrupting the Clermont offensive organization by slowing down a considerable number of balloons, causing a turnnover and two penalties in favor of his own. A slaughter that weighed very heavy, especially during the 7 minutes when the Catalans had to defend at 13 in the first period.

The flops:

It is an understatement to say that Jake McIntyre did not leave an imperishable memory at the foot of the volcanoes of Auvergne, having had the misfortune to arrive from Agen a season when Camille Lopez was not really decided to share his time of game… McIntyre had thus returned to his country during the season, in November 2020. But the least we will remember is his return to the Michelin! Firstly because he was very close to being the hero of his family, signing a clear round with the foot, and especially the breakthrough which offered the test to Tilsley. Efforts unfortunately totally wasted in the last minutes, since it was McIntyre who was deceived by Tiberghien’s kick to follow for Jauneau’s try, before losing the defensive bonus to his team on a pass jumped too easily read and intercepted by Delguy.

Promoted to the Usap armband after the suspension of Mathieu Acebes, the Argentinian international was not at the Michelin party. Firstly because as captain, his relationship with the referee Mr. Blasco-Baqué was not the most fluid, which implied a certain severity on the part of the referee. Annoyed, twice at fault, De la Fuente was also not really successful with the ball in hand or in his footwork, which a correct performance in defense can barely counterbalance.

Promoted to a somewhat unnatural role of captain since Iturria’s injury, Sébastien Bézy proved to be one of the few Auvergnats who was somewhat dangerous last week against Toulouse. But if he still succeeds several times in wreaking havoc in the defense of Usap by taking the initiative (like several breakthroughs or a winning choice in the closed side for the test of Tixeront), it’s hard to forget this failed tackle on his ex-partner Jake McIntyre, who opened the interval for George Tilsley’s try (63e). A major error which could have weighed much more heavily in the debate, without the saving entry of Jauneau.

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