Tibo InShape shares creepy photo on social media, netizens disgusted

This Wednesday, January 11, on his social networks, Tibo InShape unveiled a frightening photo taken after a sports session. Something to get your community to react.

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Since 2017, Tibo InShape is in a relationship with Juju Fitcats. Last September, the couple took a new step in their relationship. Indeed, the 30-year-old announced happy news to his community: he asked for his companion’s hand. On Twitter, he shared a snapshot of the engagement ring, before telling behind the scenes of his marriage proposal in a YouTube video posted on his channel. For now, no information on the date of the marriage has been communicated by the two lovebirds.

Tibo InShape posts a scary photo on his social networks

On instagram, Tibo InShape has over 5 million subscribers. On his page, he shares humorous videos he shoots with Juju Ficats. He also posts video tutorials, like this time he told his followers how to tie a tie. This Wednesday, January 11, he unveiled a whole different type of content, to say the least scary. Indeed, he took a picture of his foot after a sports session. On the picture in question (see HERE) also posted on Twitter, a whole part of his skin has come off. In the caption, he wrote the following message:Foot fetishists, I delight you“. And to specify a little further in the comments: “The behind the scenes of sport“.

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Internet users shocked by his damaged foot

On Twitter, Internet users have largely reacted to the photo of his damaged foot. “As they say, there is no success without sacrifices“, “There are limits though“, “Yum“, “At times, you still have to dose“, “Why it’s always when I’m eating that I come across this“, can we read. A user asked him outright to delete his post, without getting a response from the 30-year-old Youtuber. The day before, Tibo InShape shared his sports session in an Instagram story where he raised a big dumbbell while doing sit-ups. He then did another sit-up exercise.”30 seconds of effort, 30 seconds of recovery / 10 series“, he wrote in the caption.

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