this particularly trying scene for actor James McAvoy

This Thursday January 12, 2023 at 9:10 p.m., M6 is broadcasting Glass by M.Night Shyamalan. In this last part of his trilogy initiated with Unbreakablewe obviously find Bruce Wills and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as James McAvoy, the man with multiple personalities already seen in the film Split. A role for which the actor gave his person, especially during a particularly trying scene.

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For its cinema evening on Thursday January 12, 2023, M6 broadcasts the film at 9:10 p.m. Glass of M.Night Shyamalanthe director of the cult Sixth Sense. Unpublished in clear, this feature film released in cinemas in 2019 closes the trilogy initiated with Unbreakable nineteen years earlier. We therefore logically find Bruce Willis, the actor to whom the director owes his career and Samuel L.Jackson. The stars both reprise their roles, as does James McAvoy, who also plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, the film’s main character. Split. Here too, its presence is obvious since Split was the second part of the trilogy.

One role, but multiple personalities

In Glassas in SplitJames McAvoy delivers an extraordinary performance as he plays a psychopath who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and has 24 personalities. A comic book author has also drawn the different personalities of the hero and the result is stunning. James McAvoy perfectly embodies each of his character’s personalities. But there is especially one that marks the spirits: it is the Beast. “The hardest thing to play is the Beast!“, he also confided at the time of the theatrical release of the film to our colleagues from See-mag. The actor has extensively prepared for his role and displays a spectacular physical transformation. However, despite the intensive training to which he was compelled, at the rate of five to six sports sessions per week for three months, James McAvoy admitted that the filming had sometimes been very trying.

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Nipples harder than rock

One fight scene in the rain in particular was very difficult for James McAvoy, as he confided in the film’s press kit. “It was downright appalling! Doing stunts in the rain at this factory site was kind of fun, but I’m playing someone who doesn’t feel the cold. I found myself standing shirtless in freezing rain screaming ‘I AM THE BEAST!’, when I mostly felt like a freezing sissy with my nipples harder than rock!“, he says. And it was not the only difficulty of this scene. “Bruce carried a camera fixed on a steel support whose uprights protruded. So when I was clinging to him with all my might trying to kill him, those damn uphills were digging into my ribs.” explained James McAvoy before adding that his partner had done everything to make the scene go well. “Luckily Bruce is a gentle giant, he was awesome“, clarified the star of X-Men.

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