this new camouflage from the King to Meghan Markle for the new year

  • Meghan Markle should not appreciate a new decision from Charles III.

  • A former adviser to Meghan Markle has been named in New Year’s honours.

  • This former adviser had made heavy accusations on Meghan Markle.

Every end of the year in the United Kingdom rhymes with the presentation of New Year honours. For his first year as King of England, Charles III decided to appoint a former assistant to Meghan Markle. An honor that should not please the wife of prince Harry since today between his former assistant and her, it is the cold war. This is Jason Knauf. If the good agreement is no longer at the rendezvous, it is becausehe testified against the Sussexes in a legal action against the British tabloid Mail on Sunday. Only, Charles III decided to appointed Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, in recognition of his service to the Royal Family.

As a reminder, Jason Knauf worked for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for seven years. He was a communications consultant. Then, he also collaborated for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before retiring from his duties. According to the official reason, he would have chosen to leave to follow her husband abroad. In 2018, while still working for the Sussexes, he would also have sent an e-mail to prince William to inform him of his questions concerning the behavior of the mother of the family with (…)


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