This must-have console broke a record in France

The Nintendo Switch is a success. However, you may not realize how popular it is, especially in France!

The latest sales estimates push the Nintendo Switch count to almost 120 million copies in circulation worldwide. This count makes it the third best-selling console in history. In front of it, we find the Nintendo DS and, above all, the PS2, a solid industry leader for more than 10 years! In France, the Nintendo Switch is even the best-selling console in its category, IF AND ONLY IF it is considered a home console. As a semi-portable console, it’s still hard to pigeonhole. If we count it as a portable console, it remains behind its big sister: the Nintendo DS and its variations.

  • For more on Nintendo Switch sales, just watch the Daily for this Wednesday, January 18. It also mentions the strike announced on the side of Ubisoft and the leaks of Hogwarts Legacy. The Daily is gone and it’s available at the beginning of the article!

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