this famous guest did not expect to find her ex-husband on the set

Wednesday January 11, 2023, while Kristin Scott Thomas was invited to Télématin, François Olivennes, her ex-husband was the guest of the show after, La Maison des Maternelles. “A coincidence of programming”, according to Thomas Sotto.

The show was going pretty well. Every morning, viewers of France 2 wake up in front of Télématin. Since September 2021, the public service program has adopted a new editorial organization. Live seven days a week, the appointment is now ensured by two couples of presenters. Thus, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto ensure the presentation from Monday to Thursday, while Maya Lauqué and Damien Thévenot are at the controls of the programs from Friday to Sunday. The program continues to sign good audiences, with nearly 30% market share. Every day, many personalities come to the set of Telematin. Therefore Claude Lelouch was able to respond to a statement from Jacques Dutroncor the details of the dinner of Chantal Goya with the Beatles. “They were all talking to me about Paris and Saint-Germain. How they liked France…”, thus remembered the singer.

“There you go”

On Wednesday January 11, 2023, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto were at the helm of a new edition of Telematinon France 2. To promote the film The Cycladesin theaters since Wednesday January 11, Kristine Scott Thomas went to the set of Telematin. While the interview was going pretty well, the discomfort arose at the end of the show.

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