This extreme visual challenge reserved for geniuses! You have to find sofas that are not “L” shaped

Here you are presented with a unique visual challenge in which you will have to find three sofas that are not L-shaped. It is always good to allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation a day and this challenge is a great entertainment. The various visual exercises of this type have gone viral on social networks. They have the advantage of being very playful, and of being solved without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Complete the trial and find the canapes in the shortest time possible

This exercise is composed of an image where several sofas are illustrated. If they all look the same, know that there are three that are not L-shaped. You will have to find them within a time limit of 5 seconds.

optical illusion find the couches
© Noticieros Televisa

The solution to the challenge of “L” shaped sofas

Did you manage to find the three couches that aren’t L-shaped? How long did it take you to do this?

Remember that you can make all the attempts you want. If you failed to complete the mission, you can find the solution below.

Although this challenge looks simple, the level of complexity is increased by the patterns, shapes, and colors of the picture elements. In addition, it offers various advantages. In addition to helping your brain stay active, this kind of challenge helps develop your visual skills. It also keeps your brain active and makes your mind more dynamic and creative.

Now is the time to show you where the three non-L-shaped couches are:

  • The first sofa is located at the top right of the illustration.
  • The second sofa is a little lower, towards the middle row, near the left end of the picture.
  • The third and last sofa that is not L-shaped is located at the bottom of the drawing, near its right end.
solution to the challenge of L-shaped sofas
© Noticieros Televisa

If you want the fun to continue, you can recommend the challenge to your loved ones. You will be able share this challenge with your family, your friends and colleagues at school and at work. This will give you the opportunity to search for the 3 sofas that are not L-shaped together. It will be even more fun and exciting when you complete the challenge with other people. You will be able to establish interesting records that you will try to break between you.

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