this daring question from a viewer to Brigitte Macron about her private life which created discomfort

This Monday, January 16, 2023, Jean-Luc Reichmann received an exceptional guest at “12 noon shots”. Indeed, the star host of TF1 had the honor of welcoming Brigitte Macron. The First Lady had made the trip for the association Les Pieces Jaunes which will be honored all week in the midday program of the first channel. And the wife of the Head of State played the game by lending herself to a little exercise of questions asked by the viewers. But one of them made the sexagenarian particularly uncomfortable.

Do you have time to do romantic things with Emmanuel?“, asked Maxence, 8 years old. With a tense smile, Jean-Luc Reichmann then intervened. “It’s the kids, I’m sorry“, then declared the host of “12 noon shots”. A bit uncomfortable, Brigitte Macron found the pirouette impeccable to respond to the young boy. “I’m married to someone who works all the time. The problem is trying to get him to close his files“, she said. Brigitte Macron then took the time to discuss the importance of donations to the Yellow Pieces association before greeting the candidates present one by one and leaving the set to applause.

Emmanuel Macron embarrassed by a question of money

If the non-professional speakers have a merit, it is that of not putting filters in their questions to political figures. Recently, it is also the President of the Republic himself who had the funny experience. During the broadcast The Papotin Meetingsbroadcast once a month on France 2 on Saturday evening before prime time, Emmanuel Macron faced a funny question.

Do you have a lot of money? Are you rich? Do you have a lot of money?“, asked one of the guests. “To tell you the truth, I had more before I was president“, he explained, specifying: “Now I have a lot less“.”If you look at the average, yes I have a lot of money, after compared to the people who decide and who have responsibilities in business, no.”, he concluded.


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