This cult open-world RPG is under 10 euros but it won’t last

This magnificent RPG from a cult license sees its price completely drop during an exceptional promotion on Steam. Lovers of rich stories and supercharged fights, it’s time to crack!

One of the best RPGs in history under 10 euros

The Steam platform is full of interesting offers allowing you to get a plethora of titles at very good prices thanks to promotional offers. And for this new year, Steam has definitely chosen to pamper cult licenses. After promotion lights up Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix’s action-RPG, it’s time for one of the greatest games of all time to take center stage.

Open world RPG, a rich story, beautiful graphics, dynamic fights and above all… An ultra-charismatic character: everything you need to have a good time. It is obviously about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt! The famous track from CD Projekt is currently displaying 80% discount on the “Game of the Year” edition including all its expansions and additional content. Something to keep you busy for over 40 hours.

How to enjoy The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for less than 10 euros

If you want to recover The Witcher III: Wild Hunt less than 10 eurosjust go to the Steam store page. Note that the offer only concerns PC users and an active account on the platform is required to proceed with the purchase. That being said, this offer is certainly timely knowing that the fourth installment has been made official. It is therefore the opportunity or never to (re) immerse yourself in the adventures of Geralt.

The game may have been released 7 years ago, but it is still considered one of the best titles in history. The Witcher III is also rewarded with the title of the best game of the year 2015, as well as the title of the best role-playing game. The CD Projekt title has sold out 40 million copiesa figure that continues to climb due to the success of the Netflix series.

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