this betrayal done to Diana

They had promised him to always remain welded and united. Twenty-five years after his death, the gap has never been so wide between them. Story of a mess.

It is an oath that the two brothers had made while their mother was alive. “You have to promise me to always be best friends,” Diana once asked them, reports historian Robert Lacey in his work Royal war, lies and betrayals, released in 2021. An oath attended by the clairvoyant Simone Simmons, who became the friend of the Princess of Wales. The two boys had promised, she recalled. They had slapped each other’s hands before giving their mother a big hug. “Anyone would have melted seeing that… Then they went out to play football. »

Did Diana suspect that her children might clash one day? She knew too well the mysteries and behind the scenes of the British monarchy to have any fears: the latter always end up suffering in the shadow of the crown, like Princess Margaret, sister of Elizabeth II, forced to give up the love of his life to avoid any scandal, or Prince Andrew, long to prance and rage behind the prerogatives of his eldest Prince Charles. A place that is always difficult to digest, with its share of jealousies, frustrations and resentments that end up slowly poisoning the souls of these princely extras.

Added to this are the very different characters of the two heirs, a contrast that their mother had grasped. William wiser, more cautious, aware very early on of his responsibilities, unlike Harry, t […] Read more

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