This American state wants to ban electric cars!

While the whole world is accelerating in the race for automobile electrification to limit the damage of global warming, the American state of Wyoming is playing spoilsport by simply wanting to ban electric cars.

Wyoming refuses electric cars on its territory! This is the bomb thrown by representatives of this sparsely populated state in the west of the United States, who introduced a bill to this effect. They seek to ban electric vehicles by 2035, and want residents to continue driving thermal cars. We are therefore beyond the troll while manufacturers around the world want on the contrary to accelerate the transition to all-electric…

Protect the oil industry

The representatives in question, including four senators, explain that their objective is to protect the oil and gas industries of Wyoming, without regard to the ravages on the environment caused by fossil fuels. According to them, switching to electric cars would harm the state’s economy, and it would make it harder to trade with other states. They also point out that Wyoming has invested heavily in oil and gas production, and that these investments have created thousands of jobs across the United States.

For the signatories of the project, electric vehicles are a ” misadventure “. They also deplore the lack of charging stations on the roads of the state (which is crossed by vast highways). Driving electric cars would be impractical for this reason. And the construction of a network of charging stations would, according to them, generate a huge amount of energy “.

If this text were approved by the authorities of Wyoming, it would place the State at odds with the rest of the country which, willy-nilly, is in the process of adapting to all-electric. In the long term, this will also harm the economy of Wyoming, which will no longer be able to sell its oil to electric car drivers…

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