Thibaut Pinot (Groupama-FDJ) will retire at the end of the 2023 season

There will be tears. Surely pain. And certainly joy! Almost like every season in fact with Thibaut Pinot. The Groupama-FDJ climber revealed this Thursday in L’Equipe that this would be his last professional year. At 32, it’s time to say stop. And to live his last emotions with his fans on a bike for the next few months. “Now I’m ready for real life“, he admits in his interview with the sports daily.

At the end of October, it will therefore be the end of a great adventure in the world of the little queen. But in the meantime and while he hopes to retire on the Tour of Lombardy, Thibaut Pinot will live another few intense months. Because there will be many on the roadside wanting to accompany him as he should towards retirement. Over the course of his career, the Franc-Comtois has indeed built up an immense popularity rating. By its successes of course. We are still talking about a boy who finished in third place in the 2014 Tour de France. Of a champion who has won stages on all the Grand Tours and has the Tour of Lombardy 2018 on his list. But if he has so many fans, it is also linked to his personality.


Pinot, generator of emotions: The highlights of his career on video


“Really motivated to win as much as possible”

Thibaut Pinot has this much sought-after ability in champions to convey emotions. Capable of outbursts and surpassing himself, he knows how to thrill his fans when he mounts his pedals. But also in front of the microphones by revealing his flaws to the whole world, like after his disappointment on the Tour of the Alps last April when he broke down in front of the cameras. “With Thibaut, we go through all the feelings“, had then summarized Marc Madiot, his manager at the microphone of RMC. As during his legendary success on the Tourmalet in 2019. That’s right, Thibaut Pinot.

The year 2022 has also brought smiles to its supporters. After months of hardship following a fall in the Tour de France 2020 which ruined his life for too long, he returned to success with two stage victories, in the Tour des Alpes and the Tour de Suisse. And if he had announced at the beginning of December that he wanted “find the adrenaline of victory against the best“In 2023, the 2016 French time trial champion does not intend to treat himself to a farewell lap in tourism mode.”I’m really motivated to win as much as possible, to finish as high as possible, I’m going to do everything tohe explains in L’Equipe. I announce my retirement so early to free myself from this weight and have fun for all these last times.”

What to make the happiness of his supporters once again. And if he has already announced his participation in the Tour of Italy, five years after his last participation, he also intends to be on the Tour de France obviously. “For my senior year, I want to go, it would piss me off to miss ithe acknowledges. The Tour was tough, but it was also the one that gave me the greatest emotions. Afterwards, Marc (Madiot) said it over and over again, he wants the best team in the Tour. It’s up to me to be the best climber after David (Gaudu), to be very good at the Giro, to prove myself. I’m really going with a view to helping David. For my last year to be beautiful, I have to be there. Just for everyone who supported me. ” The appointment is made. And it is not the only one in 2023.

Thibaut Pinot, all smiles, during the Tour 2022

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