these apple sauces contain fungi that are toxic to health

The snack is sacred for the little ones but sometimes also for the grown-ups. It’s time to take a break during the day and comfort yourself with a small dose of sugar. While some opt for fruit, cereal bars or cakes, many consumers prefer to stay on a lighter snack and for that there is nothing better than compotes and in particular the practical compotes to drink since they are easily transportable. Besides, each French person would eat no less than 3.5 kg per year.

Be careful, if you have recently purchased such a product, sincea brand has just been recalled. In question ? The latter would be dangerous for health by the presence of a substance. Here is all the information you need to know about this compote to take no risks.

Recently, applesauce to drink has just been recalled for health reasons in particular the presence of Patulin beyond regulatory limits. The Rappel Conso site explains that: “Mycotoxins are substances produced by microscopic fungi. They can present a health risk in the event of significant and repeated consumption over the long term”.

Indeed, the ANSES website (National Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health Safety) emphasizes that patulin is known to cause gastrointestinal disorders but not only. Ulcerations, distensions and haemorrhages. In some cases, at higher doses, this substance can also cause disturbances in kidney function. It is therefore essential to be careful.

Recently, compotes having for reference “GOURDS APPLE COMPOTE LOW SUGAR 12x90G” were therefore recalled. These are branded products. SWEETNESS OF THE ORCHARDdistributed in the Whole France from the following brands: E.LECLERC.

The references of the products concerned are as follows: GTIN 3564700416037 with a minimum durability date of 06/05/2024. The site also states that “Only products bearing the additional code 10 following the barcode are affected by the recall”.

If you bought these compotes, stop your consumption. See a doctor if symptoms appear.

From a practical point of view, it is better to go to his point of sale and return it in order to benefit from a refund before the Monday, March 20, 2023. You can also contact consumer service at the following number: 0800865286.

If many product recalls have been recorded lately, remember that this is necessary to avoid any risk to consumer health. Besides, We explain in an article how product recalls work.

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